A personalised training programme,

planned in time and space,

monitored, controlled, tested.

1. Let’s get to know each other!

First of all, you should get to know us and figure out if we are the people you are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you already are an athlete or a couch potato. This is where to start.
This is the first step in building a foundation of trust and collaboration, on which we may build a solid program. To reach your goals we have to be a team.
Contact us to book your interview. It’s free and has no strings attached. You may also choose how you’d prefer to have the interview: phone, instant messaging, video call, email… whatever makes you feel most at ease. We’ll talk about your goals and discuss possible options.

2. Medical History

Have you ever been in an accident? Do you have chronic pain? Do you follow a particular diet? Where will you work out? Do you travel often? Do you have a particularly well-equipped home gym?

This is the part where we collect this kind of info, and finally get down to business.

3. Choose your Program

You may choose the program that best fits your needs. Whatever your choice, you’ll get your personalized program, based on your available space and time.

But you won’t be left alone to struggle: you may contact us through Whatsapp (or any other channel, like Telegram, Zoom, Messenger, email…). You may send us videos and will receive video instructions, so we’ll be able to check on your movements and progress, and immediately respond to any sudden change.


At the end of your program we’ll check your starting and final scores, to evaluate your program’s results. Any program has to start with a measurable goal in mind and check the results; otherwise it was simply a collection of items in an xls file.

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Choose the best program for you


My Personal Wod

Our basic program, suited for people with some gym experience: tailored workout plan, 6 weeks long, including video explanation of the exercises selected.


My Personal Program

Our most flexible program, suited for any fitness level: a tailored workout plan, 6 weeks long, including weekly follow-ups and a weekly video exchange through Whatsapp or similar app.

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My Personal Trainer

One-on-one coaching online, to have your PT with you wherever you go. “My Personal Trainer” offers you a trainer through video call, to coach you live, to motivate you when you most need it or to check test execution.