Most people use time constraints, space limitations or lack of equipment as excuses for their physical inactivity. Others may lack motivation and perseverance, especially when swept up in the chaos of daily life.

More often than not, these are more than mere excuses and have a real impact on our lives. It doesn’t matter what inspiring motivational quote you read on IG, “nO eXcuSes!!!” does not work as a long term plan. But, as many other chores and appointments, physical activity may as well be something that you simply write down in your calendar and need to plan in advance.

Indeed there are countless reasons why it really should find a spot in your calendar. The cost of a well-planned physical activity, in terms both of money and time, are easily outweighed by the benefits, both psychical and physical, saving you the hassle and costs related to medical visits and drug use.

We don’t simply offer wod lists or workout programs. There are a million different apps out there that can do that. We offer personalized plans, tailored for you, designed with specific objectives in mind, navigating around the obstacles we talked about earlier: time constraints, space limits and lack of equipment.

We design our training plans with your daily routine in mind, and find the best way to reach your goals from there. Each program is:


We’ll start with an interview and we’ll ask you to fill in your medical history. This process will allow us to pin-point the right goal, and the best course of action to get you there. You can’t choose a path without knowing where you want to go beforehand.

Planned out.

When and where you will train are key points to understand before making any more plans: will you work out at home? Do you often travel and work out at hotel gyms? Do you have access to a public park? Different settings require different solutions.


We check on your progress constantly, through whatever channel you find more convenient (Whatsapp, Telegram, Email, Messenger, Zoom…). We’ll be using videos, face-timing, instant messaging, anything to guarantee high quality and high motivation.


We use benchmark wods, fitness tests and biometrics to easily check on your results, recognize strong suits and weak links, evaluate new capabilities and figure improvements. Keep in mind: you cannot make plans for something you do not know.