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My personal wod

Choosing the program “My Personal Wod” you will get 6 weeks of programming, tailored on your goal and fitness level, based on your particular equipment and space, be it a fully equipped gym or a couple of dumbbells in your living room.

My personal program

“My Personal Program” is our way of bringing the real life gym experience to the web (minus the smell). It doesn’t matter if you change gym every other month, if you travel most of your time, or if you work out in your pjs at home. You will receive your program weekly, to allow for more frequent one-on-one time with your coach, who’ll be able to help you plan the week ahead, to make last minute modifications to your program to respond to some unexpected event, or to check exercise form and technique.
Moreover, you’ll get up to 4 feedbacks in real time during the week, through any instant messaging app, to ensure that any questions and doubts can be answered before any mistake is made.

My personal Trainer

If you have ever been coached by a professional, you know how valuable and motivating it can be. Moreover, having real time feedback on your technique gives you the best chance to learn to perform correct and safe movements in the best possible way, cutting the time wasted in training by eliminating long trial & error processes.

We recommend being coached by a Personal Trainer if you are approaching a new fitness activity, if you need to learn new exercises or simply have doubts on the proper execution of a complex movement. It may also be useful during particularly stressful or difficult times, as a way to boost morale and help yourself to stick to your training regime. Finally, having a PT can give you faster results, by helping you maintain proper form, a constant effort and sharper focus.



A medical check is strongly recommended before starting any fitness activity, possibly including a written clean bill of health from your doctor, stating that you are fit to participate in high-intensity fitness activities.

We are qualified Personal Trainers, but we are not Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists. As such, we only may give general counseling and we are not authorized to prescribe diets.